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CPR training model Medical colleges and hospitals first aid training model with whole body & Computer control system

Product advantages: 1. Feel real, uniform skin color, realistic shape, beautiful appearance, easy to operate and locate, disinfect and clean without deformation, convenient disassembly and replacement. 2. It can be upright and recumbent, easy to carry



Product standard configuration:

Advanced wholebody resuscitation model 1pcs Digital display controller 1pcs Power adapter 1set Luxury Thickened Oxford Bag 1pcs Barrier Mask (50pcs/box) 1box Replaceable lung bag 4pcs Warranty card, certificate of qualification 1set Popular edition Technical manual 1pcs Instruction manual 1pcs Resuscitation Operation Pad 1pcs Replaceable skin 1pcs


 Operating characteristics:
1. Simulation of Life features:
Pupil dilation, carotid artery fluctuation, quick startup and shutdown of vital signs
2. CPR:
Simulate standard airway opening
3. Electronic monitoring:
Electronic indicator lights are displayed to monitor airway opening and pressing sites. Correct count and wrong count for
artificial respiration and chest compressions
4. Voice prompt:
The whole operation Chinese voice prompt, the volume strength can be adjusted freely
5. Score printing:
Print the operation procedure after the operation is complete
6. Material testing:
Human body materials are safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic
7. Bar code display press depth:
Press to a correct depth of 5-6cm
8. Operation time can be set by oneself:
In seconds
9. Operating frequency:
The 2020 standard is at least 100-120 times/minute. You can also set your own value
10. Barcode display blowing rate:
The correct air volume is 500~600m1-1000ml
11. Model leg material
The foam material of high elasticity, high density sponge or pearl cotton is used to keep the color close to the skin tone and avoid long time yellowing of white

Functional Features

1. Artificial respiration and chest compressions can be performed
2. The standard airway can be opened and the airway indicator light can be brightened
3. Real-time voice feedback, clear voice, stable and reliable operation process, real field simulation
4. Three ways of operation, can be CPR training, assessment and actual combat.
Method 1 :CPR training with press and blow training
Method 2: Test, complete 5 cycles within the set time, according to the 2020 CPR standard 30:2 ratio of press and blow.
Method 3: Actual combat, the teacher can set the operating time range, operating standard, number of cycles, operating frequency, pressing and blowing ratio.

1. For mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, sterilized gauze face towel must be put on, one for each person. To prevent cross infection .
2. Hands should be clean during operation. Women should wipe off lipstick and lipstick, prevent dirty face and chest skin, and do not use ballpoint pen or other color pen to paint .
3. Press the operation, must press according to the working frequency rhythm, not randomly press for a while, so as to avoid the disorder of the procedure. If there is a program disorder, immediately turn off the computer monitor power switch, restart, so as not to affect the computer monitor service life.