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1. The facial skin and chest skin of the model are made of thermoplastic elastomer mixed with adhesive material and injected by injection molding machine at high temperature . 2. This model is an infant human body, with obvious anatomical position, real



Main functions:

1. Artificial respiration and chest compressions, basic CPR
2. Simulate a natural airway and expand the chest when the airway opens
3. Open airway
4. Accurate anatomical structure, proportion standard infant design
5. Simulation of airway obstruction with foreign bodies
6. Simulation techniques of impact and compression of abdomen
7. Remove foreign body airway obstruction to perform Heimlich maneuver


 When babies encounter odors choking their airways, it can be life-threatening.
Our medical model infant airway obstruction first aid training model can be trained how to perform first aid in the following ways.

Back percussion

Place the child's body on the forearm of the paramedic, open the airway, clamp the child with the arm of the other hand, fix the mandible bone, turn over to the prone position, fix the child on the leg, head low and foot high, find the center of the shoulder and spleen bone, and shock the child five times with the palm root.

Chest impact method

The ambulance worker held the child in the upper arms on both sides and fixed the child on the thigh, with the head slightly lower than the torso.
He used two fingers to impact the horizontal position below the line of the two nipples of the child for 5 times in succession, and the impact depth was 1/3 of the front and back diameter of the chest width