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Half-body realistic CPR training model Medical colleges and hospitals first aid training model for first aid teaching

The CPR nursing model is adult half size, suitable for first aid training, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, is an ideal teaching nursing training model. 1.Supine position, head can tilt back, can remove respiratory foreign body 2.External chest



Product standard configuration:

Advanced half resuscitation model 1pcs
Luxury Thickened Oxford Bag 1pcs
Barrier Mask (50pcs/box) 1box
Replaceable lung bag 4pcs
Warranty card, certificate of qualification 1set
Popular edition Technical manual 1pcs
Instruction manual 1pcs
Resuscitation Operation Pad 1pcs
Replaceable skin 1pcs


  Product advantages:
1. Feel real, uniform skin color, realistic shape, beautiful appearance, easy to operate and locate, disinfect and clean without deformation, convenient disassembly and replacement.
2. It can be upright and recumbent, easy to carry half body simulation and base design, can stand, can also be flat.

Functional Features


1.The clothes are made of special fabric, the same style as doctors and nurses. It is colorless, wear-resistant, anti-wrinkle and easy to wash. The zipper is made of Sanli brand zipper, durable and reliable in quality. Thickened Oxford bag with durable inner fold without trace.

2.Simulates human face skin, neck skin, chest skin, hair, using thermoplastic elastomer mixed adhesive material, through the injection molding machine high temperature pressure injection.

3.This model is an adult male halflings, with obvious anatomical marks, real hand feel, uniform skin color, realistic shape, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, locate, disinfect and clean without deformation, easy to disassemble and replace.

4.The head can swing around, rotate 180 degrees horizontally, and the pupil is enlarged and reduced