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CPR Training Manikin Training Simulator Dummies with Medical Accessories Chest Compressions Training Model First Aid Resuscitation Dummy

CPR is suitable for clinical teaching and practical training of students in medical schools, nursing colleges, occupational health colleges, teaching hospitals, and primary health departments.



Characteristics of the Mannequin
- CPR manikins are the most popular and affordable manikins available.
- These are "real" looking mannequins that allow students to review a simulated breast lift.
- Includes a unique head lift/chin tilt feature designed to teach students how to properly open an airway.
- The head can turn left and right, and rotate 180°.
- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: supine position, the head can be tilted back, easy to remove foreign bodies in the respiratory tract.
- CPR manikins are easy to use, easy to maintain and convenient to carry.

Product Parameters


Specifications: Length 160cm
Model Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer Mixed Rubber Material
Operation Function: Chest compression, airway opening, artificial respiration, pupil contrast

Product Packaging

1 x Resuscitation Manikin
4 x Replaceable lung bag
1 x Barrier Mask (50 sheets/box)
1 x Replaceable Face
1 x Oxford Bag
1 x Resuscitation Operation Pad
1 x CD of the latest international operation guide
1 x On-site First Aid Common Technical Manual
1x Instruction Manual