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Human life size medical skull model colorful skull model with 8 parts of brain and 7 cervical vert

This colorful adult skull model shows 3 detachable parts of the skull, with 8 parts of brain structure and 7 cervical vertebra models. The model is located on the base and can be disassembled at will. It is an ideal teaching resource model for medical


Product advantages
• Use real human skull mold, imported from Italy mold process.
• High-quality skull prototypes.
• Handmade with environmentally friendly PVC which is strong and unbreakable.
• Highly accurate display of cerebellar sulci, foramen, process, suture, etc.
• Can be detachable into cranial cover, skull base and mandible, cervical vertebra, base.



 1. Size: Naturally large, adult;
2. The skull contains 3 parts, which can be disassembled into three parts: cranial cover, skull base and mandible.
3. This model adds 8 parts cerebral artery model,
which can be divided into: anterior and parietal lobes, temporal and occipital lobes,brain stem and cerebellum.
4.This colorful skull also has a natural large 7 cervical vertebra. It has a cervical artery and a base.