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Scientific Classic Functional Hip Joint Model Articulates with Life size Flexible Ligaments Hip Bone Ligaments

* Classic functional model of naturally-sized Hip Joint * Ligaments show the anatomy and possible physiological movement * Depicts the mechanics and detailed anatomy of the human Hip Joint * This model depicts the ball-and-socket joint with a portio


Product Name 
Life size Human Hip Joint model
Unit weight
0.67 kgs 
Unit packaging size 
12*12*31.5 cm
Packing capacity 
20 pcs/ctn
16 kgs

1. Life-Size Human Skeleton Model: The hip joint model can be bent to display the ligaments front and back. Our hip joint model offers an exceptional study aid for anyone looking to study the movements of the knee joint
2. The model of the hip can be used for science education, students study, display, medical teaching.The anatomical model will make a great addition to a therapist’s treatment room, anatomy classroom, or clinician's office. It also makes a great present for medical professionals and students.
3. With a plastic base for standing, the anatomical model can be removed from the stand for closer examination of all sides for your further study.

Detailed Natural Mechanic of Anatomy
Acrylic Base Mount
Life Size Realistic Ligaments