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Medical anatomical model teaching resource human head neurovascular model with muscles

The model shows the local morphology of the medial and lateral sides of the median sagittal section of the head and neck, as well as the structures of blood vessels and nerves. There are 100 site indicators.


 Medical anatomical model human head neurovascular model with muscles teaching resource

Product Description:
This model is a natural large head and neck superficial neurovascular muscle model, with one part. It shows the details of human right head and neck and midsagittal section, including the exposed superficial muscles of face, superficial blood vessels and nerves of face and scalp, the inner structure of parotid gland and upper respiratory tract, and the sagittal section structure of cervical spine.
Product name
Human head neurovascular model with muscles
27*20*10 cm
0.6 kgs
Imported PVC material, imported paint, computer color matching and painting.
12pcs/carton, 51x42x61cm, 12kgs

1. The product is made of eco-friendly low toxicity and safe high quality PVC.
2. OEM & ODM are welcomed.
3. Never stink. The smell of plastic products is an extremely important indicator to measure its environmental and safety effect.
4. Never distortion, Not easy to broken, No effusion liquid.
5. Easy to preserve and transport.
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7. It is convenient, practical, flexible for doctor to use, For students and teachers to understand human anatomy.