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Medical specialty Male reproductive system testicular anatomical model Male examination simulated testicular anatomical mod

Anatomical model of male testis, 3.5x magnification, numerically marked, clearly showing the structural features of the testis in the male reproductive system.




1. The design was carried out by magnifying 3.5 times normal male testis;
2. Details show the medial and sagittal incised surface of the testis;
3. Detailed presentation of the internal structure of testis, such as output tubule, tunica alba, pericardial cavity, visceral layer of sheath, spermatogenous tubule, vas deferens, vas deferens and reticulum of testis.




1. It is a rare product for male science teaching in reproductive science;
2. It is the main tool for doctor-patient communication in men's hospitals;
3. It is also suitable for teaching demonstration in hospitals;
4.Widely used in andrology, medicine, education, art display, etc.