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  • paramecium-teaching-model-
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1.60 years professional manufacturer:Originating from a biology lab of the Henan Normal University in 1958,1 branch company,3 workshops , 4 big warehouse . 2.Various certificates: ISO14001-2004 standard,ISO9001,GBT28001-2001 standard,certificate of AA cr



Paramecium model junior high school biology teaching science and education equipment

1. Purpose
This model can be used as a physiology teaching in secondary schools and medical colleges to enable students to understand the relationship and role of various organs

2, the materials
This product is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has the advantages of light weight, firmness, and no deformation.

3,storage and use
This model is suitable for use in an environment of -25-40 degrees. Dustproof treatment should be done after use, and the storage area should be clean, dry, ventilated, and stored indoors without direct sunlight. Do not touch organic solvents to avoid color damage

Product size: 31*20cm