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China Supplier Logo Custom Medical Bag Compact wholesale car plastic First Aid Kit

Life will encouter all kinds of accidents. Accidents can not be avoided, timely treatment is the answer. 1.In sports ,fall is injured. 2.In life ,falls and bruises. 3.Accidenta injuries in tourism. 4.Animal attacks in the wild. 5.Collision injury in



Are you looking for such a first aid kit?

The variety is comprehensive and the quantity is large.
It contains various emergency treatment items to meet your needs.
Small wounds need to be bandaged.
The wound epidermis needs to be sterilized.


The first aid kit contains 16 kinds of first aid items to meet your daily needs.
2.61 Pieces
The first aid kit contains 61 pieces first aid supplies.
3.Health and Safety
First-aid supplies are safe and hygienic and will not cause secondary infections.
4.Easy to carry
A parcel holds all the supplies. It is very practical at home and outdoors