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Professional microscope slides for middle school teaching

We have 2 types of prep slides, one for college and one for beginner, intermediate, advanced! Microscope slides are handcrafted by experts to provide you with specimens that are carefully sectioned, stained and arranged on slides to provide you with


For microscope slides provided by the school
 We have 2 types of prep slides, one for college and one for elementary, junior high, high school! Microscope slides are hand-prepared by experts to provide you with specimens that are carefully sectioned, stained and arranged on the slide to give you the best possible view. The slides are neatly cut without any marks, breaks or shrinkage. There is no tissue or cell destruction. The proliferation of tissues has clear boundaries; they remain in their original shape. Furthermore, the staining of the tissue is distinct and clear.
We have specialized in manufacturing high quality slides for 54 years. We can provide slides for botany, zoology, histology, microbiology, human pathology. We have exported to more than 23 countries, such as Germany, Japan, UK, France, Belgium, Australia, Indonesia, Egypt, Syria, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. We enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.


43201 Plant root tip L.S.
J4202 Plant radicle T.S 
43202 Terminal bud L.S.
43203 Pumpkin stem L.S.
J4204 Pumpkin stem T.S.
43204 Monocotyledon stem T.S.
43205 Dicotyledon stem T.S.
43206 Woody dicotyledon stem T.S.
443 Woody plant stem T.S.
444 Herbaceous plant  stem T.S.
445 Leaf blade T.S.
446 Plant stoma W.M.
43208 Broad bean leaf lower epidermis W.M.
43209 Plant cell mitosis(root top of onion L.S.)
43210 Pine needle T.S.
43211 Plasmodesmata sec.
43212 Lichens sec.
J4232 Antheridium of moss sec.
J4233 Archegonium of moss sec. 
J4234 Protonema of moss sec.
43213 Fern leaf sec.
43214 Prothallium of fern W.M.
43215 Prothallium juvenile sporophyte of fern W.M.
43216 Pollen Germ W.M.
43217 Lilium ovary Sec.
43218 Lilium anther sec.
43219 Rataria of capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
43220 Old plumule of capsella bursa-pastoris sec.
43221 Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum T.S.
43222 Seed of Zea mays L.S.
43223 Scale leaf epidermis of onion W.M.
43224 Leaf of Nerium indicum T.S.
43225 Bog pondweed T.S

43301 Penicillia W.M
43303 Chlamydomonas W.M
43304 Three types of bacteria smear
43305 Microzyme W.M
43306 Conjugation of Spirogyra W.M
43307 Spirogyra W.M
43308 Volvox W.M 
43309 Aspergillus W.M
43310 Hymenomycetes sec.
43311 Rhizopus nigricans W.M
43312 Cyanobacteria(hair-like seaweed)W.M
43312 Colon bacillus smear
43313 Hair mould W.M
J4212 Actinomycete W.M

J4321 Leech W.M.
43401 Hydra L.S.
J4335 Ascarid Egg W.M
43402 Earthworm T.S
43403 Animal Cell Mitosis(parascaris equorum zygote sec.)
J4216 Paramecium W.M.
43404 Conjugation  of Paramecium caudatum W.M.
43405 Binary fission  of Paramecium caudatum W.M.
J4314 Taenia mature proglottid W.M
J4317 Schistosome egg W.M.
J4318 Schistosome miracidium W.M.
J4319 Schistosome cercaria W.M.
43407 Schistosome(F and M Coupling) W.M
43408 Schistosoma  (male) W.M.
43409 Schistosoma  (female) W.M.
J4320 Ascarid(F&M)T.S.
J4322 Bee Third Leg W.M.
J4323 Bee mouthpart W.M.
J4324 Fly mouthpart W.M.
J4325 Butterfly mouthpart W.M.
J4328 Locust mouthpart W.M.
43410 Mouthpart of house mosquito(female) W.M
43411 Hydra with bud W.M.
43412 Hydra through testes T.S.
43413 Hydra through ovary T.S.
43414 Testis of Grasshopper meiosis sec. 
43415 Blood of frog smear 
J4221 Cleavage stage of frog sec.
J4222 Blastula stage of frog sec.
J4223 Gastrula stage of frog sec.
J4224 Salivary gland chromosome W.M.
J4227 Conjugation of Spirogyra W.M
450 Egg cell of frog W.M.
J4228 Single cell of frog sec.
J4229 Two-cell of frog sec.
J4230 Early proembryo of frog sec.
43416 Epidermal cell W.M(frog or newt)