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  • Pediculus pig W.M.
  • Pediculus pig W.M.
  • Pediculus pig W.M.
  • Pediculus pig W.M.
  • Pediculus pig W.M.

Pediculus pig W.M.

Factory of medical Parasitology slides.this slides is named Pediculus pig W.M..These parasitology slides are used for college and medical university,so it produced needs more higher technical standard,workmanship and time,especially for the material,which


Professional School Teaching Medical Microscope Parasitology Prepared Slides
Products Description: 

This prepared microscope slides was cut subtly without any mark, break or constrict. There is no destruction of tissues or cell .The spread of tissues has clear bounds; they remain the original shape. Also the coloration for the tissues is obvious and clear.

(1) Customers:all levels of students/home school programs/college.medical institute,ect.
(2) well-distributed coloration:Hematoxylin and Eeosin Staining, silver staining
(3) Material : glass prepared microscope slides,durable and directly view
(4) Size :75x25x1-1mm(3'x1') length/width/thickness
(5) Weight :100PCS plastic box N/W: 0.2KG, G/W :0.8KG
100PCS Wooden box N/W :0.25KG ,G/W: 0.85KG
(6) White paper for stickers:good label in english
(7) Transparent label packed in wooden or plastic box


Company Profile
We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of prepared slides on Animal, plant, microbiology, embryology, human histology, cell biology and heredity, pathologic histology, medical parasitology and medical plant biology for more than 58 years. We will provide you with high quality products at the best price.

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It is very representative ,covers the variety of botanical, zoological class, microbiology class, parasitology class, histological,Human histology category and other categories, children use a microscope to explore the microscopic world, to stimulate interest in the best choice. These are available in all parts and can be customized according to Customers Specification