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Biology medical science high quality and best price Lab researching and teaching prepared microscope slides set

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 High quality prepared slides for university 

We have more than 13 categories of prepared slides for university ,and there are many kinds of every type.We will gladly make special offers for any slides or sets which are not listed in our catalogue.
1, Botany
2, Zoology
3, Medical parasitology
4, Histology
5, Human pathology
6, Cell biology & Genetics
7, Embryology
8, Microbiology
9. , Animal pathology
10. Oral Pathology
11. hematology,leukemia blood disease Pathology
12. Mitosis&Meiosis


 43403 Animal Cell Mitosis(parascaris equorum zygote sec.)
43405 Binary fission of Paramecium caudatum W.M.
43414 Testis of Grasshopper meiosis sec. 
43415 Blood of frog smear
43416 Epidermal cell W.M(frog or newt
43508 Skeletal Muscle T.S&L.S
43509 Separated Smooth Muscle W.M 
43510 Cardiac muscle sec.
43511 Motor neuron W.M
43525 Pancreas(show pancreas islet)
43603 Normal human chromosome W.M 
43604 The distribution of DNA & RNA in the cell 
43605 Mitochondria sec.
43606 Leaf of Ficus microcarpa T.S. 
43607 Leaf of Zea mays T.S.
43608 Liver sec. 
43609 Hyaline cartilage sec.
43208 Lower Epidermis of Vicia faba leaf W.M. 
43209 Plant cell mitosis(root top of onion L.S.) 
43211 Plasmodesmata sec.
43224 Hydrilla verticillata leaf W.M.
43305 Microzyme W.M
43307 Spirogyra W.M 
43312 Colon bacillus smear