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  • fungi prepared slides

Penicillium W.M. fungi prepared slides

learning fungi prepared slides under microscope,easy to stimulate students' interest in study and emotion! We produce all different kinds of slides include normal tissue;human pathological slides; micro-organisms and genetics slides; algae, fungi,mosses


 This is a 27-piece very nice fungi microscope prepared slide set of Ocillatoria,Saprolegnia,Rhizopus,Aspergillus W.M. . 1" × 3" (25 × 76 mm) glass slides are accurately stained and machine cleaned slides that will give a sharp image. All slides are carefully labeled for easy reference and are arranged in a fine storage box. This slide set is excellent for educational use ,which will assist students and teachers in learning about unicellular microscopic tissue and students can find a lot of fun. 


NO. Code Yulin description
    1.Phylum Myxomycota
1 YBB150010 Sporange of Stemonitis W.M.
    2.Phylum Eumycota
2 YBB160010 Saprolegnia W.M.
3 YBB160020 Rhizopus W.M.
4 YBB160030 Saccharomyces W.M.
5 YMI030060 Candida  albicans smear
6 YBB160040 Penicillium W.M.
7 YBB160050 Peziza L.S.
8 YBB160060 Morchella sec.
9 YBB160070 Aspergillus W.M.
10 YBB160080 Agaricus sec.
11 YBB160090 Tremella fucifomis sec.
12 YBB160100 Ganoderma sec.
13 YBB160110 Auricularia auricula sec.
14 YMI010070 Ustilago maydis of Corn W.M.
15 YPB080010 Pileus of Lucid Ganoderma L.S.
16 YPB080020 Pileus of Lucid Ganoderma T.S.
17 YPB080030 Pileus of Chinese Ganoderma L.S.
18 YPB080050 Antler of Deer L.S.
19 YMI010010 Bread mould (show hyphae and spore)W.M.
20 YMI010020 Aspergillus (show hyphae and spore)W.M.
21 YMI010030 Rhizopus stolonifer W.M.
22 YMI010040 Septate hypha W.M.
23 YMI010050 Nonseptate hypha W.M.
24 YMI010060 Actinomycets W.M.
25 YMI010070 spore of Ustilago maydis
26 YMI010080 mucor w.m.
27 YMI010090 saccharomyces cerevisiae