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Hot selling cell biology teaching biological microscope prepared slides with CE certificate

Code Name YHE010020 Simple squamous epithelium sec. YHE010030 Pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium sec. YHE010040 Transitional epithelium(vesica urinaris relaxing)sec. YHE010041 Transitional epithelium(vesica urinaris dilating)sec. YHE0


 About the advantages of our microscope biological slides
Extract from fresh material. Keep the whole structure.

clearly cell tissue, keep the original shape.

well-distributed coloration, HE,India ink stain,Alcohol magenta,Hematoxylin staining .

Packing as you like, plastic or wooden slides box.

easy to stimulate students' interest in study and emotion.
learning the zoology and structure of animal will be helpful to improve
the experiment quality and teaching effect.