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How to place an order of prepared microscope slides ?

OEM is aviliable !!!!
1. Confirmation the users of prepared slides
As we have prepared slides not only for higher education (university ,hospitals ,labs and scientific research institution,ect.) and also general education(primary school,elementary school,middle school and high school) . Different users have different technical standard.

2. Confirmation the kinds of prepared slides you are interested in
We can supply you botany , bontany pathology , zoology , medical parasitology , histology ,human pathology , oral pathology , animal pathology , cell and genetics , embryology ,microbiology and many other kinds of prepared slides.
You can choose what you want from our catalogue , we will make a PI for you .

3.Place an order and make payment

After confirmation of PI , you can place order and pay.We have three kinds of payment methods: by bank , WESTERN UNION and ESCROW . We usually accept 100% before delivery .

4.Preparation and delivery of the prepared microscope slides
When you confirm the order , we will prepare the products for you , Replacing the English label and packing them.
We have various box to pack the slides,such as 6/10/15/25/30/50/100pieces
plastic slides box and 10/12/15/16/26/50/100pieces wooden slides box .
The prepared slides will be first placed in slides boxes and then packed in cartons.
Then we will deliver them to you by choosing the best delivery methods fo you.

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